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RateAlert app delivers the fastest, real-time Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) information with the flexibility to fully customize the notifications to systematically beat your lock desk. Users can expect to beat pricing changes by 20 - 45 minutes.

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RateAlert App Features

Live Market Data

Be ahead of the game with our live MBS market volatility meter.

Live Notifications

Live improvement and worsening notifications sent directly to your phone.

Lock Advice

Morning audio sigma lock advice. Informs you what to expect today.

Other Features

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Live MBS Market Gauge

Live animated gauge lets you know how the market is doing today. Displays current market and high and lows of the day.

Lightning Fast Market Data

Users can expect to beat pricing changes by 20 – 45 minutes.

Re-Price Indicators

Live re-price indicator engineered to beat your lock desk.

Live MBS Meters

Live MBS Market Volatility Meter and Live MBS Weekly Change Meter will give you the idea on how the market can react.

Live Notifications

• Live improvement and worsening notifications 20-45 minutes ahead of your lock desk.
• Live breaking news notifications before market movements.

Live Market Data

Check how the market is doing today with the live market data indicators.

Audio Lock Advice

Daily audio lock advice and market commentary.

Alert Settings

Set lock desk open time and notifications sensitivity to consistently save deals.

Sound Settings

Over 100 fun notification sounds (careful, some of them are a little crazy). Know pricing trends without picking up your phone


Fastest MBS Alert
service with a little attitude mixed in. The only App designed to Save Deals!


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